Community Guidelines

Some Important Guidelines For Rateit’s Community Participation is a platform where you can raise your voice and be heard!

The Rateit Community offers several valuable features for engaging other users and sharing genuine feedback about products and services. Be it positive or negative, these Community Guidelines assist you in using Community features, such as Customer Reviews, Customer FAQs, Rateit Follow, Profile pages, Outfit Compare, Design Check, Digital, and Device Forums, Registries, and Lists.

Note: The aforementioned Guidelines don't apply to products or services sold on Rateit, which are liable to separate policies.

We pay attention to the intregity of our Community. Any endeavor to control Rateit Community content or features, including contributing counterfeit, deceptive, or inauthentic material is severely restricted. In the event that you disregard our Guidelines, we may limit your capacity to utilize Community features, withdraw the content, delist related items, or suspend or end your record.

If we find that a Rateit account has been utilized to participate in any type of misconduct, settlements and installments may be retained or permanently deprived. The offense may also violate state and federal laws, including the Federal Trade Commission Act, and can prompt lawful intervention and common and criminal punishments.

We encourage any individual who suspects that our Guidelines are being abused in any capacity to inform us. We investigate all concerns completely and take any proper action required.

By using our Community features, you consent to our Conditions of Use and to follow these Guidelines. These Guidelines apply to any material including text, images, video, and links that you submit to Rateit and activities (for example, voting on helpfulness or smiling at a post) when using Community features. These Guidelines also apply to your communications with other users in the Community.

Note: Additional guidelines apply to Customer Reviews.


To add to Customer features (for instance, Customer Reviews, Customer Answers, Idea Lists) or to follow different reviewers, you have to have made a purchase on using a substantial credit or check card within the last year.

Be Cooperative and Relevant

The Community is expected to offer helpful, applicable content to clients. The content you submit ought to be pertinent and dependent on your own opinions and experiences. Client Reviews and Questions and Answers should be relevant to the topic at hand.

Regard Others values diverse viewpoints, so you may disagree with some users' opinions. RateIt works to ensure that all voices are heard and asks our users to be respectful of all others. Specifically:

1. Don't post content that is offensive, abusive, harassing, threatening, or inflammatory. For instance, don't utilize vulgarities or slurs, and don't communicate disdain or bigotry for individuals based on race, nationality, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, or handicap.

2. Do not post content that is vulgar, obscene, or lecherous, or that contains nudity or explicitly obscene images.

3. Do not post content that attacks others' security. For instance, don't post others' telephone numbers, email addresses, street numbers, or other individual data, and don't present connections on phishing or other malware destinations.

4. Do not mimic others or organizations or claim to be someone you're not. Don't consistently send messages or demands to others.

5. Do not seek to silence others' opinions, including posting from numerous records or organizing with others.

6. Do not participate in ridiculing or assault others.

7.You may scrutinize the convictions and aptitude of others as long as it is pertinent and done in an aware and non-compromising way.

Promotions and Commercial Solicitations

To preserve the integrity of the Community, exercises comprising advertising, promotion, or requesting (whether direct or indirect) are not permitted, including:

1. Making, altering, or posting content with respect to your (or your relative's, friend's, business associate's, or employer's) products or services.

2. Making, altering, or posting fraudulent content with respect to your rivals' items or services.

3. Making, altering, or posting content in return for the remuneration of any sort (counting free or limited items, discounts, or repayments) or for the benefit of any other individual.

4. Offering the remuneration or requesting remuneration (including free or limited items) in return for making, changing, or posting content.

5. Posting promotions or requests, incorporating URLs with referrer labels or partner codes.

A Few Exceptions Are Mentioned Below:

1. You may post content mentioned by Rateit, (for example, Customer Reviews of items you bought on Rateit or got through the Vine program and answers mentioned through Questions and Answers). In those cases, your post must conform to any regulations determined by Rateit.

2. You may present an answer to an inquiry posed through the Questions and Answers highlight (however not an inquiry itself) with respect to items or administrations for which you have a money related or close personal connection with the brand, dealer, creator, or craftsman, on the condition that you plainly and prominently reveal the association (for instance, "I speak for the brand for this product."). We show a few answers from dealers or producers, in cases where extra divulgence isn't important.

3. You may post content other than Customer Reviews and Questions and Answers with respect to items or administrations for which you have a money related or close personal connection with the brand, merchant, creator, or artist, assuming you obviously uncover the association (e.g., "I was paid for this post."). In any case, no brand or business may take an interest in the Community as it was (counting by promoting, exceptional offers, or some other "source of inspiration") that redirects Rateit clients to another non-Rateit site, administration, application, or channel to direct showcasing or deals exchanges. Content posted through brand, vender, creator, or craftsman accounts with respect to their own items or administrations do not need extra marking.

4.Book authors and publishers may give free or discounted copies of their books to targeted readers, as long as the authors and publishers don’t ask for a survey in return or endeavor to impact the review.

Sexual Content

A few items' containing sexual substance and some sex and erotic nature items are allowed to be sold on Rateit. We urge users to communicate their feelings about those items to us. Some sexual substances, for example, nudity and explicit images or descriptions are censored due to the fact that audiences within our Community might be sensitive to them.

Infringing Content

Do not post content or communicate with different individuals from the Community in a manner that encroaches the protected innovation or other exclusive privileges of others. Post only content that you have the authorization to use.

Illegal Activity

Do not post content that empowers or supports conduct that is illicit, including viciousness, extortion, unlawful medication use, underage drinking, or child or animal abuse. Instances of disallowed content include:

1. Content supporting, undermining, or kidding about physical or money related mischief to yourself or others, including psychological warfare.

2. Content advertising false merchandise, administrations, plans, or advancements (e.g., bring in cash quick plans, fraudulent business models).

3. Content posted deliberately as mockery.

4. Content that empowers or supports the dangerous misuse of an item.

Additional Guidelines for Customer Reviews

The accompanying guidelines apply to Customer Reviews notwithstanding different guidelines given above:

1. If your review is removed or disapproved on the grounds that it doesn't conform to our guidelines concerning the promotional material, you may not resubmit a survey on a similar item.

2. Reviews may incorporate URLs or links to different items sold on Rateit.

3. Customers in the same family may not post multiple reviews of the same product.

4. We may limit the capacity to post a review if we find a bizarre reviewing behavior or to keep up the most ideal shopping experience.

5. You may not control the Rateit Verified Purchase identification by offering exceptional pricing to reviews or reimbursing reviewers.

Reporting Abuse

You can report possible violations of these Guidelines by clicking the "Report abuse" and entering the reason you believe it violates these Guidelines.
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